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Hi, I am Gretchen!

A few things about me,

I enjoy being outside and exploring, like a kid. Not like a proper “normal” adult. I kind of like to…twirl in the meadows, pick up leaves and hop, skip and jump along the path. I wonder at many things and enjoy being outside a good day is day where I get to be outside!

I also do have a thing for accents, if you know me you would laugh and say, “Yes, she does!” It kind of started when I was told I have a Minnesotan accent. I was curious and and a little embarrassed and wanted to know what it a Minnesotan accent sounded like. One day, the revelation hit me when watching the news! That’s it! That’s the Minnesotan accent! So, now the rest is history, you will find me making tons of silly voices and accents a lot of the time! I just frankly think it’s fun!

Artist Statement:

As an exploratory, creative artist I specialize in photography, that encapsulates the beauty in people, moments and life. Currently working on further developing skills in photography, design, and film. Additionally, expanding to broader spectrums of artistic expression in various mediums while connecting with other artists to create large scale collaborative productions and projects.

Continually inspired by faith, I desire that others would experience the beauty of life and hope that dwells within us when we seek truth and life and meet the one true living God, through Jesus Christ. I hope that others would find life through my work.

Artist Bio:

It all started as a young child, where the love of creating was born in Gretchen. She found herself creating for hours and working on many different projects; from redecorating her bedroom, to choreographing a dance or doodling in her notebook. She grew up in a very creative family with a dad who was a chef and musician, to a mom who did studio art and who was the craftiest lady around town, to a sister who played classical piano and a brother who was a masterful musician. She had much encouragement to be creative. In kindergarten as a little girl when asked what she wanted to be when older, she seemingly answered “A Veterinarian” as they went around the room, while everyone answered the 5 popular responses of; A Doctor, Vet, Dentist, Police Man and Fire Fighter. But, in her heart she knew she wanted to be an artist.

As time went on, she started to explore many new types of creativity and art. At 8 years old she started to take dance classes, which continued on for 10+ years in many styles of dance: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Kick. While dancing at the studio she danced in many ballet productions including The Nutcracker and Cinderella.

Through the years she discovered many more forms of art such as drawing, painting, pottery, crafting, sewing, singing and music. Inclined to details and designs Gretchen loves drawing, doodling and being memorized by the little details. Blending colors with ease and making an ocean scape using oil paints are a favorite. Using her hands gives her much joy with pottery making bowls mugs and plates to give to friends and family. Sewing dresses and pillows gave her the ability to wear and decorate with her art. Through crafting making beautiful things out of nothing gave her much joy. Making music and singing gave her heart the ability to soar. The melodies and harmonies with a piano or guitar are favorite. With many forms of art Gretchen sometimes got overwhelmed with what she wanted to do.

But, through a film photography class Gretchen discovered her interests and ability to photograph portraits and still-life. This initial spark at the age of 17 led to the start of her photography business with the support of family and friends. With the continued growth of her new business, new opportunities were presented such as growing client requests for portraits as well as art showings at the Lakeville Art Center and the Lake Conference Art Show. More recently Gretchen presented a collection at the “Art of Passage” gallery called “The Beauty of Letting Go.” Which showcased for a month and was a huge success.  Capturing the depth and beauty of a person is one of her favorite things in photography. Currently Gretchen is a freelance photographer shooting weddings, portraits, nature and anything that comes her way.

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, you can find her creating something new. Just as a little girl, she knew in her heart,

this is what she was made to do.